Best Board Games For 6 Year Olds

The board game community is constantly improving.

There are always new and fantastic games appearing on the market that get missed by the majority of people.

A lot of people still think that Monopoly is the go-to game when in actual fact the amount of wonderful games out there for kids around the age of 6 is huge.

We researched long and hard and managed to come up with a list we think you’ll love.

These are the best games we could find for 6 year olds, including a mixture of dexterity games, adventure games, learning games and all around fun games.

5 Best Games For 6 Year Olds

Looping Louie

Best Board Games for 6 Year OldsLooping Louie has become incredibly popular as a children’s game since it’s release. In Germany it’s even been converted into a drinking game by adults!

I of course don’t recommend drinking with your child but let me tell you why this game is so great.

First of all let me warn you that it’s a battery-powered game and requires a little minor assembly to play, also I’d recommend a flat surface.

The object of the game is to protect your chickens from being knocked down by Louie in his plane. To protect them you’ll be knocking him away with your paddles and trying to direct the plane towards other barns.

The last player with chickens wins.

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It’s a fast game and is often accompanied by contagious laughter. As an adult I love to play Looping Louie with my kids and we’re able to play for hours!

As probably the top rated children’s game online, this comes highly recommended.


Best Games For 6 Year OldsI think Dixit is a beautiful game that encourages imagination and interpersonal skills that are vital to a growing mind.

Not only is the game filled with gorgeous artwork, it’s a simple game and can be played by anyone.

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Each player has a hand of cards that only have pictures on them.

Every round someone is the storyteller and they have to describe what’s happening on one of their cards to the rest of the players.

The other players choose the card they think matches the story best and places it down.

All the cards (including the storytellers) are shuffled and placed face up, and you then go around the group guessing which card was the storytellers.

If the storyteller gets his card chosen he gets some points, and if anyone else chooses your card when you’re not the storyteller you also get points.

In my opinion Dixit is a perfect game to play with kids!


Best Board Games for 6 Year OldsThis game is incredibly fun, but can be a hassle to clean up!

Basically all the players will be launching coconuts towards a group of cups in the middle. If you land a coconut into a cup, you can take it and put it in your player area.

If you land a coconut in someone else’s cup, you can steal it.

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By using Magic Monkey Cards you can force another player to either take their shot blindfolded, from far away, or one of many great hinderances.

The first person that is able to stack a group of 6 cups on their board wins!

I feel like this game is great for kids, and brings out the inner kid in adults.

Mice and Mystics

Best Games for 6 Year OldsMice and Mystics is a cooperative storytelling game that will have you enraptured in the story.

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The premise is: you are one of many characters who are loyal to the king and have been turned into mice to escape the evil Vanestra. Your task is to save the kingdom, but now the castle you once knew is 20 times the size it was before!

You’ll have to battle spiders, cockroaches, rats and even the castle’s cat Brodie.

It’s a fantastic game with a rich atmosphere and a compelling story. Easily understood and learnable for smaller children and equally captivating for the adults!

Pitch Car

Best Board Games for 6 Year OldsAnother game of dexterity: Pitch Car is probably the most expensive on the list but is coveted by many.

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It’s an absolute blast to play and I bet none of your kid’s friends will have it.

Firstly you’ll build the track together. It’s easy as all the pieces fit together like a puzzle. Then you’ll draw for starting positions.

The aim of the game is to flick your car piece across the track without falling off and get to the finish line first.

What makes this game so fantastic is the slipperiness of the track and the side-barriers. With these 2 elements in place you can flick your car and get some serious speed and distance. But be careful you don’t fall off!

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