Best Board Games For College Students

College is a great time for a lot of things. Studying, of course, but board games too!

It can be a great time to play with people all around you who are open to new friends and new experiences.

There are undoubtedly clubs at your college that will have events, or you can just host games in your dorm.

So what kinds of games are best played in a college environment?

We’ve scoured the online community and found a collection of the 5 best board games for college students.

Best Board Games For College Students

Cards Against Humanity

Best Board Games For College StudentsThis is one of my favorites to recommend to college-aged students as its quick, simple, and a lot of fun.

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I think it’s certainly a game targeted towards a teen age crowd due to the sometimes shocking (but always hilarious) content.

The game can be played anywhere and there are a number of drinking games that Cards Against Humanity can be turned into.

The idea is that a black card is placed on the table and everyone has to match a white card from their hand with whatever phrase is on the black card.

The funniest or most inappropriate answer is chosen, and that player gets a point.

If you’ve played Apples to Apples, then you already have some idea how the game is played.


Best Board Games For College StudentsQuelf is an eccentric game where the players will be answering funny trivia questions, adhering to strange and hilarious rules, and doing a series of dares.

A perfect party game that should be played with 4-6 people, Quelf will keep you entertained.

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Its simple to play: just roll the dice, move your character and when you land on a colored square you have to do what’s on the corresponding card.

You’ll pick from characters such as Queen Spatula or Super Ninja Monkey, and will encounter categories such as Trivia, Scatterbrainz, Stuntz etc.

It’s a game that’s often mentioned when talking about college students, and college is the perfect environment for Quelf.


Best Board Games For College StudentsCan you save humanity?

4 diseases have broken out in the world and it’s up to you and your friends, as scientists, to cure them.

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What I like about the game is its highly cooperative, and is as easy to play with 4 players as it is 2.

You may have played the iPhone game Pandemic, which is very similar except that in this case you are curing the disease as opposed to being it.

Each of the characters has special abilities that complement each other, so its less of a competitive game and much more of a teamwork based game.

This means if you’re used to getting annoyed at games like Risk of Monopoly for being overly competitive, you’ll love Pandemic.

It’s a refreshing style of game that can be great for making friends or learning about how to work with others.

Ticket To Ride

Best Board Game For College StudentsTicket to Ride is one of the most popular and well respected games you can buy. It has incredible replay value and just so happens to be great in a college setting.

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To be honest, this game can be played with anyone and will still be a lot of fun.

The idea is to place trains down on the board and create links to different places.

Now I know that may not sound too thrilling but trust me once you get playing there are a whole lot more mechanics than that. What I mean is it can get pretty cutthroat when you’re trying to block the path of other players and you are rewarded for how you place your locomotives.

The game was actually released over 10 years ago now and has won numerous awards for how addictive it is.

It has certainly held up over the years and has cemented itself as a classic.

Wise and Otherwise

Best Board Games For College StudentsWise and Otherwise is the perfect game for supple minds. College students learning about a variety of different things can actually learn a thing or 2 from this game too.

It’s kind of a spin on the classic dictionary game.

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Players are given the first part of a phrase, saying or proverb and each person will write down what they think the ending is.

It’s quite a sneaky game as the object is to trick the other players into thinking that your answer is what the actual saying is.

If someone chooses your answer as the one they think is correct, you get a point.

Wise or Otherwise was voted Best Party Game Of The Year, and I personally think its way more fun than games like Balderdash or Malarky.

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