Best Board Games To Play Drunk

There are thousands of board games out there, but if you want to play at a party or with a group of friends, some are better than others.

Of course any game can be turned into a drinking game, but we’ve carefully crafted this list of games that are not only great for drinking along to, they’re also more fun to play when drunk.

The 5 Best Board Games To Play Drunk

Cash N Guns

best board games to play drunkMoney, guns, and alcohol. What could possibly go wrong?

Ideally played with 4-8 players, Cash N Guns is a fast-paced game that’s extra fun after a few drinks.

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The premise is this: you’ve just completed a robbery and you’re meeting with your crew to divvy up the loot, but you can’t decide on who gets what.

Luckily, you have a gun to help with the negotiations. But so does everyone else.

Each round has a designated Boss who controls things. After the loot has been revealed, everybody secretly loads his or her gun either with a live round (Bang!) or a bluff (Click! Click!) using a card from their hand.

On the count of 3 everyone points their gun at someone. If you’re the Boss you have the privilege of telling one player to get that gun out of your face and point it elsewhere.

Decide on whether you want to risk getting shot because after another count of 3 you can chicken out or stay in the round. If you get shot, you get wounded and don’t get any loot. If you don’t get shot, you pick up some loot.

After 8 rounds, the one with the most loot wins.

Drinking Rules: depending on how drunk you plan to get, we suggest incurring penalties. For example, drink when you get shot, drink when you chicken out of a round, or drink when you’re the Boss.

Red Dragon Inn

Best Board Games To Play DrunkAfter a hard day of adventuring, 4 adventurers head to the Red Dragon Inn for a good old drink.

This is one of the best board games to play drunk, or to get you drunk!

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It’s essentially a virtual drinking game in which you can easily replace the virtual drinks for real ones (though there is a LOT of drinking involved, so make your drinking rules with caution). It really feels like a night in a fantasy tavern. You buy drinks for people, gamble, and sometimes get into fights.

The goal of the game is to keep your Gold, and stay conscious. When your Alcohol Content surpasses your Fortitude, or you run out of Gold, you lose.

Not really recommended for children due to heavy themes of drinking, gambling, cheating and backstabbing, but lots of fun for adults.

It’s super easy to learn, the artwork is fantastic and the writing is very clever including many hilarious references and classic fantasy cliché jokes.

Drinking Rules: swap the drinks in game for real drinks!

Cards Against Humanity

Best Board Games to play drunkYou’ve likely heard about this one before. Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people.

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It’s pretty straightforward. Every round one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers the question with his or her funniest (or most terrible) white card.

How can this be turned into a drinking game you ask? Well, playing the game itself is a lot of fun when already drunk but the most common way of transforming this into a drinking game is this:

When the white cards are placed down on the table, the Judge picks them up and shuffles them. After reading them he will select the funniest answer. If your answer is chosen, you’re safe. If not, you drink!

(Alternatively, you can choose to award the winner of the chosen white card with a drink)

For those who think Cards Against Humanity may be a little extreme, check out the classic game it’s based on: Apples to Apples.

Space Cadets: Dice Duel

Best board games to play drunkSpace Cadets is a game of chance. To do anything you have to roll the dice.

It’s also incredibly fast paced, as there are no turns. You’ll be frantically rolling the dice to make a move, which makes it all the more intense and rewarding when you find success. It also makes it a perfect game to play when drunk or drinking.

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This is a game for 4-8 players and is team based. Two spaceships are fighting against each other with the players maintaining the ship and commanding different aspects of their ship: Engineering, Helm, Weapons, Sensors, Shields, Tractor Beam. More than one post can be held by anyone, or you can have a Captain to coordinate.

Roll the correct numbers to complete actions for each part of the ship. There is no respite until the enemy ship has been destroyed.

Drinking Rules: Our favorite adaptation is to drink whenever you fire a torpedo.


Best Board Games to play drunkDixit is an award winning game that involves creative guesswork. Something that becomes somewhat embellished when drunk.

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It is a gorgeous game, consisting of 84 different cards. Each player has 6 cards in their hand.

When it’s your turn, you choose a card and tell everyone a word that describes it. Place the card face down, and all other players do the same with a card in their hand they think best corresponds to the word you gave.

All the cards are mixed up and placed face up.

All the players then secretly decide which card they think you played.

The goal: as the active player you are trying to make it difficult enough that not everyone gets it, but easy enough that at least one person will get it. As the other players, you are trying to distract everyone else from the right card.

As for drinking, you could drink when you choose the wrong card, or when nobody guesses your card correctly.

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