Best Board Games With Miniatures

Miniatures can bring a unique element to board games that’s difficult to otherwise capture. There’s a certain level of immersiveness you just can’t get with other games that makes them really special and fun to play.

Having said this, games with miniatures sometimes have a reputation of being long, drawn out and increasingly expensive. While this is certainly attractive to some, it can be a little off-putting to others.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best board games we could find that include miniatures, but are more of a set game than a collectible-style one.

Our 5 Best Board Games With Miniatures

Super Dungeon Explore

Best Board Games With MiniaturesIf you’re looking for a first foray into board games with minatures, Super Dungeon Explore is a great place to start.

It’s a light RPG-style dungeon explorer game, with a classic old school video game hack and slash adventure vibe.

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The minis that come with SDE are initially unpainted, but are still very cool looking. They will also require some glue to put together. It’s up to you whether you’d like to get into the painting aspect of board games with minatures, as they can function perfectly well unpainted.

So be warned: there will be some assembly required before you can start playing!

It’s a fast-paced game with easy to learn rules. It comes with 5 different map tiles that can be arranged in different ways so replayability is a huge bonus factor with this game.

A great introduction to playing board games with miniatures!

Star Wars X-Wing

Best Board Games With MiniaturesYou’d be surprised how many people have said “I never really got into miniatures until X-Wing”.

In the board game community this game has been gaining a staggering amount of popularity.

It can be played by anyone over the age of 10. The rules are straightforward but lead to a truly compelling game.

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Take control of Rebel X-wings and Imperial TIE fighters in a tactical head-to-head battle. There are several scenarios you can choose from, and there is a thriving online community who creates various custom campaigns that you can recreate.

Best Board Games With MiniaturesThe starter set comes with everything you’ll need to start playing including readily
painted spaceships. Some say you should spend a little more on extra ships to really enhance the gameplay. These can be found on Amazon pretty easily:

Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars or not, you’re sure to have a blast with X-Wing.

Descent: Journeys in The Dark

Best Board Games With MiniaturesThe original version of Descent was one of the most popular dungeon crawlers in the world. Many were sceptical about the newer version as there were quite a few changes, but time has proven that Descent is better than ever.

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One player is the Overlord, and up to 4 other players are the Heroes. The game is based around story driven encounters where you’ll explore dungeons, caves and battle against numerous enemies that the Overlord controls.

The game includes nearly 50 detailed miniatures and a beautiful map board so you’re ready to go right out of the box.

What sets Descent apart is the intricacy of the play style and how easy it is to learn. It won’t take long to get into the rhythm of the game.

I found that we didn’t spend too much time having to stop and look at the rules, which really adds to the immersiveness and fun of the game.

And with so many different stories and layouts, I will be playing this one for a while!


Best Board Games With MiniaturesThis game was funded through Kickstarter and really became quite a huge success. It was one of the most successful Kickstarters of 2012.

It’s a turn-based zombie game for 1-6 players. You’ll either try to survive as long as you can or complete a series of objectives.

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What I liked about this game was that as you kill more zombies, you get to level up your skills. This in turn raises your threat level, which causes more zombies to head towards you.

The game includes many features of zombie films/other zombie games such as searching buildings, making too much noise, driving vehicles, and of course killing zombies!

There’s a good amount of depth to the game with the levelling system, weapons, and a nice amount of objectives, not to mention the 9 game boards filled with fantastic artwork and design.

It can be a little difficult and you may find some small problems with the mechanics, but overall it’s a fantastic game and by far the best zombie board game with minatures around.

Best thing about this game: the developer uploads new scenarios once a week or so!


Best Board Games With MiniaturesBattlelore is a 2 player squad-based battle game. It includes 92 miniatures, 43 map overlay pieces, 150+ cards, and 4 custom dice.

Suffice to say it’s a game with some rich gameplay and serious immersiveness.

[Click here to see prices for BattleLore]

Despite all this, it’s actually really quick to set up and is easy to learn. I’d say it takes about 30 minutes to complete a game and you won’t spend too much time on the rules.

The miniatures that come with the board aren’t easily breakable and look fantastic. The board and cards are also of above average quality both in artwork and durability so the game will last a long time.

This one is for those who want a fantasy feel to the game with a good amount of versatility and great looking figures.

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