Best Grown Up Board Games

If you’ve been away from the board game scene for a while it may surprise you that there are a huge amount of games (both new and old) that are targeted to an older audience.

By older I mean those who are no longer children.

Sometimes board games get a rep of being for kids, but you’d be amazed at the complex and exciting games out there for grownups.

So, if you’re looking for a game to buy for yourself or to play with some friends then check out my up to date list of:

The Best Grown Up Board Games!

Cards Against Humanity

Best grown up board gamesDefinitely not for children!

Cards Against Humanity is a simple card game that can produce a huge variety of hilarious outcomes.

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There are black cards and there are white cards. Each round one player asks a question from a black card. The rest of the players answer accordingly with one of their white cards. The object is to choose the funniest or worst answer to the question from the black card.

Nobody really wins at Cards Against Humanity, it’s just a great game to play when drinking or when you want a few laughs.

Apples to Apples

Best grown up board gamesThis is the game that Cards Against Humanity was based on. It’s less outrageous and way more PC, but still loads of fun to play.

Sometimes if you’re playing with family members or the easily offended, it might be better to go with Apples to Apples!

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Using the same basic concept as Cards Against Humanity, the person who’s turn it is (the judge) will place a card down and the rest of the players will choose a card from their hand that best corresponds to the judges card.

Whoever’s card the judge chooses is the winner.

This is a widely celebrated game that has won numerous “Game of the Year” awards and can be played by up to 10 people.

Loaded Questions

best grown up board gamesLoaded Questions is another bestseller, and is so for a reason.

The basic idea is to test how well you know each other. There are over 1,300 questions and is actually a lot of fun whether you’re family, friends, or strangers.

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How it works is that a dice is rolled to choose a card, and the player reads it out.

Everyone writes their own personal answer to the question and hands them to the previous dice roller.

That person reads them all around and has to guess who wrote each answer. For each correct answer, he/she moves forward one space.

I think this game is perfect as an icebreaker or to spark some really interesting conversation between good friends.

Battle Of The Sexes

best grown up board games“You’ll never understand them, so you might as well defeat them.” Sums up the game pretty well.

It’s men against women in a trivia battle.

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Not just any trivia though, its actually how much you know about the opposite sex.

This game is a lot of fun as it uses questions, ridiculous challenges, pictures and more to test your knowledge.

You’ll be surprised at what you do and don’t know!


best grown up board gamesI have to say I enjoy this game a lot. There are some completely ridiculous things that you have to do and it makes for an extremely enjoyable game among friends.

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In Curses players will draw ‘curse cards’ with specific instructions on them. You can only get a curse card if you attempt to complete a task. You essentially build up these curses and the last person to have a curse on them wins.

Some examples are: speak like a grizzly old pirate, don’t bend your elbows etc.

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