Best Horror Board Games

Out of all the boardbest horror board games game genres, I think horror board games have to rely the most on the feel you get while playing.

If a game can’t drag you into the story, you won’t enjoy it nearly as much.

And when it comes to horror, atmosphere is everything.

So instead of piling together a bunch of “horror” games, we’ve meticulously searched for the best of the best.

Whether you’re looking for a game to play this Halloween, or just want a good old scary game; you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

The 5 Best Horror Board Games

Mansions of Madness

Best Horror Board GamesMansions of Madness is based off the lore of HP Lovecraft, and lets you explore many different scenarios and stories that include monsters from the Cthulu mythos.

It’s a story driven game with a rich atmosphere that’s sure to capture your attention.

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One player takes the role of the “Keeper”, who is essentially the bad guy and will be trying to ensure the rest of the players fail to thwart the ancient evil they’re trying to stop.

The maximum amount of players is 5, 1 being the Keeper and 4 as Investigators.

The general idea of the game is that you are investigating a number of occurrences and trying to solve dark mysteries before its too late.

Each time you play you’ll be faced with a new narrative that combines many monsters, storylines and clues that will leave you with a climactic conclusion to your story (that is if you succeed!).


Best Horror Board GamesZombicide is ones of my favorite Zombie-themed board games. It’s one of the few games that gets Zombie killing right.

The game was first introduced on Kickstarter and got a lot of attention very quickly.

Thankfully it lived up to the hype, and was made into a fantastic game.

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The basic idea is that you are a group (1-6) of survivors fighting off waves of zombies. Your objective might be simply to survive, or to complete a series of objectives together.

I think what makes this game a great horror board game is that Zombicide is able to build an atmosphere of tension that I haven’t felt with other zombie board games.

Match that with a set of really well thought out game mechanics, beautifully made board and game pieces and a surprising amount of simplicity makes this game really worth its place on this list.

Eldritch Horror

best horror board gamesEldritch Horror is actually set in the same world as Mansions of Madness, utilizing the stories of HP Lovecraft.

As a horror game, its awesome. We also decided to include it in our ‘Best Cooperative Games‘ article.

In Eldritch Horror, an ancient evil has been awakened and its your task to stop it.

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You’ll travel the globe searching for ways to destroy this evil and will learn about your own character and the characters of your friends while you do so.

That’s one of the things I love about this game. There’s a backstory and character development for each of the characters, they’re not just pieces on a board.

Whatever you do in the game will affect the way your teammates have to play.

It’s a game that excels in rewarding strong teamwork, so if you’re going to play i’d recommend recruiting some friends that can get themselves involved in the story for a more enjoyable experience.

Last Night On Earth

best horror board gamesLast Night on Earth is a survival horror Zombie game.

You can play either as a small town hero, or as a zombie.

Last Night on Earth has a modular board, which means that it will change every time you play. This fits well with the numerous different scenarios available, making it a game with a whole lot of replayability.

A lot of people consider this THE zombie board game.

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I’m personally a little partial to Zombicide, but I absolutely can’t deny that this is an awesome game.

Each round is split into the hero turn and the zombie turn. Heroes can move, search buildings and attack. Zombies can move, spawn new zombies and attack too.

It’s a lot of fun and is a simple game to learn. It also comes with a soundtrack to be played while you’re zombie hunting, but of course it’s up to you whether you play it 🙂

Betrayal At House On The Hill

Best horror board gamesBetrayal At House On The Hill is a cool game with an interesting dynamic.

What I really enjoy about this game is the mood. It really makes you feel like you’re in a horror story.

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You and up to 5 others are exploring a haunted house on the hill. You’ll find magical items, omens and will trigger mini-events depending on what you do and where you go.

All of the characters have certain stats: Knowledge, Might, Speed and Sanity. These have to be maintained if your character is to make it to the next round.

During the game the “haunt” will be activated and one or more of the players will betray the rest.

There are 50 different haunt scenarios that can occur, so you’re unlikely to see the same one twice for a while. Each of these haunts will involve each of the players and will tell a unique backstory about the house.

It’s a really fun game that pulls you into its story and remember to be wary of who you trust as someone might betray you.

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