Best New Board Games 2015

With 2015 progressing onwards┬áit seemed like the right time to take a look at the new games we’ve been blessed with the first half of this year.

I must say there have been some great contenders and with such a collection of imaginative releases it was hard to pick just a few for this list.

What kind of games will you find on this list?

Games that are innovative, well-rounded, clever and of course fun.

5 Best New Board Games 2015


best new board games 2015I really love the theme of Elysium.

You’ll play as an ambitious demigod who wants to ascend to his/her spot on Mount Olympus.

To do this you’ll need to acquire artefacts and recruit heroes who will gain you the favour of the Gods.

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These actions will gain you Victory Points and when all the moves have been played, one of the demigods will be accepted onto the summit of Olympus.

There are a number of aspects of this game that really make it stand out. One being quality.

Normal cards can be boring. The cards of Elysium are made of linen and the artwork on them is of the highest quality (even so far as including the artists name on the bottom).

It’s a straightforward game to both learn and teach. All in all it should take around an hour to play too.

Definitely one of my favourites of the year so far.

The Voyages of Marco Polo

best new board games 2015A lot of people are calling this the board game of the year so far.

It’s almost like a blend of a classic “Euro” board game with some modern additions that give it new flavour.

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As you travel around 13th Century Asia in this worker placement game the goal is to trade resources, secure contracts and at the same time collect points.

Playing the role of one of Marco Polo’s assistants, you’ll be going from Venice along the Silk Road to the Forbidden City of Beijing, among other exciting locations.

Each assistant has a special “enhancement” that can sway the tide of the game in your favour, making it much more interesting the more people you have playing.

Overall this isn’t a revolutionary game, but it does what it does extremely well.

Fief: France 1429

best new board games 2015Fief: France 1429 is a game rich with backstabbing, plotting, negotiation and betrayal.

If you like A Game Of Thrones, you’ll love this. A lot of people even say that this has replaced GOT when they’re looking for a board game centred on throne acquisition.

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It’s a huge game and will take you around 2 hours to complete but there’s so much going on at all times that you’ll never be bored.

As the rules are too complex for a short explanation, I won’t go into detail here but Fief: France 1429 is a rich game with clever mechanics. It’s a game where you are forced to forge alliances, build up your domain and even marry one another.

This is definitely not a game you want to play with those who are offended easily.

A game where killing family members, making unfair deals and straight up betrayal is the norm, is maybe not best left to the faint of heart and i’m sure has been responsible for a number of broken friendships and ragequits.

Specter Ops: Shadow of Babel

best new board games 2015Specter Ops is one of the most tense games i’ve played.

You’ll either be a hunter or an agent. Most players will be hunters and there can only be 1 agent (unless you’re playing with 5 people, in that situation one of the hunters is working with the agent).

It’s a hidden movement game. What this means is that the agent works alone and nobody can see what moves he is making. It is the hunters’ job to use their abilities to find out what the agent is doing and to stop him.

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Instead of playing his moves on the board, the agent has a sheet of paper with the board printed on it. This way the hunters can’t see what he’s doing but he can see what they’re doing.

The goal of the agent is to move around and complete objectives without being captured by the hunters.

The hunters win if they get the agent’s health points down to zero.

Specter Ops is a really interactive and edgy game. Despite what I initially thought its actually very tense for both sides, and not just for the agent.

Super Motherload

best new board games 2015Super Motherload is actually based on a decades old cult PC game of the same name.

The idea is that you are leading a group of pilots who will drill below the surface of Mars.

The game is a deck-builder and a tile-layer, and is actually the world’s first game of this style.

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What I really love about it is that of the 4 2-sided boards that are included, you will add and remove these boards as you play to create a video-game like ‘levels’ effect.

To play the game you’ll match cards of the same colour to drill into the surface of the planet. As you drill down you’ll be collecting minerals that are used to buy upgrades, bombs etc.

The player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game is the winner.

Bare in mind this is an extremely brief explanation of the game. It’s actually surprisingly complex and is a secure choice for one of the best new board games of 2015.

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