Best RPG Board Games

I think when people hear RPG they think of lengthy, notorious games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

This can be exciting, daunting, or off-putting depending on who you are.

The fact is: the RPG board game genre is hugely diverse and has something for everyone.

Today we’re going to look at some really great games that capture many aspects of the genre.

Some are deep, require a lot of time to learn but are hugely rewarding. Some are easily accessible for everyone and don’t require a big time investment but are engrossing and are expertly crafted.

The 5 Best Role Playing Board Games

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

best rpg board gamesI wanted to talk about Ultimate Werewolf first for 2 reasons: it takes around 10 minutes to play and so is one of the more accessible games on the list and it’s simply a classic.

I might even say it’s my most played game of all time due to the fact that its so easy to get anyone to play, you can play drunk or sober, its fast, and its just so much fun.

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There are 2 phases in the game: night and day. You’ll play as one of many roles including Villager, Seer, Robber, Troublemaker and of course Werewolf.

Roles are distributed randomly and secretly and the object of the game is to kill off the Werewolves or save the Werewolves from being killed (if you’re a Werewolf yourself!)

It’s a game that relies heavily on deception and teamwork. One thing I like about the game is that there’s no elimination, so everyone is always involved.

ONUW is a fast, simple role playing board game that has proved itself to be one of the best out there.

Tales Of The Arabian Nights

best role playing board gamesTales of the Arabian Nights is definitely more of a sit down game, and it will take you around 2 hours to finish.

A lot of people say it’s more of an experience than a game, and I have to agree somewhat.

You’ll take the role of a hero/heroine playing out their story in the Arabian Nights setting with characters like Sinbad and Alibaba. It’s a game of enchanting tales, fortune, travel, and destiny.

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There are in total 2002 different tales for you to explore and play through so the replay value of this game is unparalleled.

There are 6 characters you can choose to start as and the goal is to get 20 points in story and destiny. I’d recommend playing with 2-6 players for a richer experience.

This game often finds itself at the top of RPG game lists for a reason; it’s a beautiful story-driven journey that you’re guaranteed to get lost in.

Eldritch Horror

best rpg board gamesEldritch Horror isn’t just a great role playing board game, it’s also a great cooperative game.

It’s inspired by the best-selling game Arkham Horror and can be played alone or by up to 8 players.

The goal is to save the world from an ancient evil. You’ll play the role of an investigator travelling the globe together to collect clues, complete objectives, solve mysteries and defeat monsters.

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Alongside this overarching goal each inspector has a personal story that develops as the game progresses, and each of the ancient evil creatures has their own story too.

The game is very good at rewarding strong teamwork and everybody’s choices on their turn affects the other players either directly or indirectly.

For this reason I would recommend playing with a group of people who will get involved in the narrative, it really makes all the difference.

If you feel the game getting a little stale, there’s an expansion called Forsaken Lore that I feel is more of a “bug fix” than an expansion pack. It really makes the game that much more enjoyable.


best rpg board gamesFiasco is a very different game to the rest of those on this list.

It’s a game that doesn’t require a board, no cards, and no winners or losers. In fact even the rules are very few.

What you will need is the Fiasco book, and some dice.

With these 2 simple ingredients you and your friends will be generating incredible stories guided only by yourselves and the roll of the dice.

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What I love about Fiasco is the structure; it is set up like a movie. You have the Set-up, Act 1, the Tilt, Act 2 and finally the Epilogue. The book will gently guide you through these transitions until you’ve crafted a story worthy of international acclaim.

Each player will have a relationship with the others, you may even share needs, wants, objects or places. The dice and your own decisions will propel you towards the achievement of your goals, or your downfall.

Flexibility is a huge plus with Fiasco, in that you can choose to take part in a western, a medieval fantasy or even a sci-fi environment.

The game quality also depends on whom you play with. I’d recommend your most creative or funny friends, as the outcome will be that much more enjoyable.

Betrayal At House On The Hill

Best rpg board gamesBetrayal At House On The Hill is a game where you and your friends are exploring the haunted house that sits atop the hill.

The game starts with you and up to 5 others investigating the house, finding items, omens, and triggering a number of events. Each character has a number of stats (Speed, Sanity, Might, Knowledge) that have to be maintained in order to make it to the next stage.

At some point in the game the “haunt” is activated and one of your companions will betray you. There are certain sets of conditions that must be met (depending on the type of haunt that occurs) in order to escape alive.

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The game includes 50 different haunts, so its extremely unlikely that you’ll play the same exact game twice and I love how each “haunt” involves the history of the house or the characters and each player will have a different perspective on the situation.

I think this is a fantastic game that builds a very rich atmosphere and when the “haunt” happens you can almost feel the change in the air, as you know someone could have turned into a traitor.

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