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Best Board Game Apps

best board game appsEver had the urge to spin out the old-school board game with your friends & family, but everyone else seems to be occupied with their own chores? With the advent of technology, you can literally pull a board game out of your pocket!

Board game apps are incredibly convenient and are perfect to play in any setting; whether it’s on the bus, during a meal or even while watching a boring movie!

Here are the best 5 board game apps that we’ve had the opportunity to try out!

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Best Board Games for 2 Players

One of the best things about playing board games is their versatility – while most board games are best played in a group, they can also be enjoyed by as few as one individual. Two player board games are especially endearing, as they allow couples in different stages of a relationship to form stronger bonds. After all, there’s no more harmless activity than playing a board game!

Here, we list the best two person board games that we’ve had the privilege to come across.

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Best Zombie Board Games

best zombie board games“Braiins!”

There are some things in this world that just don’t mix; fortunately, zombies and board games aren’t two of them.

In a genre where everything from Victorian-era wars to national espionage gets role-played, it’s not too surprising that zombies have earned a special place among board games as well.

There are literally dozens of zombie board games you’ve probably never heard of!

Here are five of our favorite Zombie Board Games to knock your friends out with at a party, or even a social setting with a stranger. Get munchin’!

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Best One Player Board Games

Ever wondered to yourself what a one-player board game would look like?

Well, we’re here to stifle your curiosity, as solo board game play is a thriving, robust industry! If you ever find yourself alone on a lazy afternoon while your friends are off doing important things, definitely give these one player board games a try.

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Best Cheap Board Games

Board games don’t necessarily have to be the wallet busters that they’re often made out to be. Sure, the more famous ones like Monopoly, Risk and Settlers of Catan deserve the expensive rep they get. But there’s also an entire universe of cheap board games that can be afforded on 2 hours of minimum wage.

Bet’cha never even heard of some of these before. Dig out all the hidden change from your sofas and start rolling!

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Best Board Games For Parties

The food has been eaten, the gossip has been told… it’s now that time of the party where the crowd is starting to wind down, and people are looking around for something to do.

How do you spice things up again?

Whip out a board game! Board games are absolutely notorious for breathing life back into deflated parties. If you’ve never seen a board game made specifically for parties in action, you’ll be surprised how effective they can be.

But of course, you’ll need to know which ones to choose. Here’s our picks from our favourite party board games!

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Best New Board Games 2015

With 2015 progressing onwards it seemed like the right time to take a look at the new games we’ve been blessed with the first half of this year.

I must say there have been some great contenders and with such a collection of imaginative releases it was hard to pick just a few for this list.

What kind of games will you find on this list?

Games that are innovative, well-rounded, clever and of course fun.

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Best Horror Board Games

Out of all the boardbest horror board games game genres, I think horror board games have to rely the most on the feel you get while playing.

If a game can’t drag you into the story, you won’t enjoy it nearly as much.

And when it comes to horror, atmosphere is everything.

So instead of piling together a bunch of “horror” games, we’ve meticulously searched for the best of the best.

Whether you’re looking for a game to play this Halloween, or just want a good old scary game; you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

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Best Sci Fi Board Games

best sci fi board gamesSci-fi is one of the most expansive and influential genres of books, movies and video games.

For such a rich genre it should come as no surprise that there are a number of incredible sci-fi board games out there.

In our list of best sci fi board games we made sure to choose a diverse range of games that will appeal to the fledgling sci fi player, the die hard fan, and everyone in between.

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Best Cooperative Board Games

When playing board games there are many ways to win.

You can ruthlessly outsmart your opponents, be lucky enough to beat the rest, or you can work together to complete a common objective.

I personally think that cooperative board games can be much more fun than competitive ones if you have the right game and the right people to play with.

Luckily there are a number of great cooperative board games on the market that span a wide array of different genres and play styles. We collected our very favorites that are the highest rated and most loved by the community.

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